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At Eakin Healthcare, we're well on our way to becoming a more sustainable business. We're committed to investing in sustainability and sharing our learning and progress.

We've created our inaugural Environmental Sustainability Summary to be transparent in our intent and to acknowledge what has already been achieved.

Commitment to sustainability at Eakin Healthcare
Eakin Healthcare staff with sustainability qualifications


Eakin Healthcare is committed to sustainability with a focus on continually improving our environmental performance, creating social value as we progress. Our ambition is to reach net zero by 2045.

Strategy & Roadmap

With the full support of our board of directors and Management Forum, we have created a four pillar Sustainability Strategy of Planet, Product, People and Integrity. We are working to an approved long-term environmental investment plan to reduce our carbon footprint. The next two years will see us focus on reductions in Energy, Waste and Packaging. The health, safety and wellbeing of our people is of paramount importance to us as an organisation. We carefully considered how we engage with our colleagues to support their wellbeing and ensure that we are a diverse and inclusive employer with equal access to employment, skills development and job progression opportunities. We are also extremely conscious of being a good corporate citizen and will continue to consider how we interact with the communities around us and our stakeholders.


We will work in partnership with customers and suppliers to reduce the impact of our product on the planet in line with the net zero ambitions of the UK, EU and major health systems across the world. (E.g. Greener NHS)


We have a dedicated Sustainability team within Eakin Healthcare who work in partnership with internal and external together stakeholders to facilitate the execution of our plan & measurement of our progress.


We will publish progress of our carbon reduction plan on our website, using globally recognised reporting frameworks and approved KPIs and targets.

At Eakin Healthcare, we focus on the outcomes we need to achieve.  We’re proud to share a selection of activities that have been completed or commenced in 2023.   

We have measured Eakin Healthcare emissions in scope 1, 2 and 3 for our baseline year April ’21-Mar ’22.

8 of our UK locations have switched to renewable energy contracts in the past 12 months  = 26% of our grid electricity use.

We are increasing our self-generation of electricity. 10% of power needs last year came from solar panels with investment committed to increasing this.

We are targeting the elimination of single-use plastics in all of our offices and canteens from March 2023.

We are rolling out harmonised waste management and recycling processes across our manufacturing sites from March 2023 with clear and consistent communications in response to employee feedback.

Through BELONG, our employee engagement forum, all colleagues are now able to participate in company-wide environmental activities such as litter picks, enviro challenges etc.